Anti-Aging Skin Care System from Dermarise USA

For Salon Professionals

About Dermarise®

Dermarise® Skin Care System was developed in Japan by leading scientists and is supported by global patents. 
It targets cell production, support and protection in the Epidermis and Fibroblast cell growth in the Dermis to
accelerate healthy cell production and growth and minimize the effects of aging and problem skin.

Patented peptides and ingredients target epidermal cells to accelerate cell division and growth and target
Fibroblast cells in the dermis to accelerate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin to decrease
lines, wrinkles and the visible effects of aging and problem skin.

The chosen ingredients are bioactive substances or bio actively modified substances which are contained in
our body and have been tested with no reported side effects and have actually been used to help heal in
medical circumstances. 

The investigational data, the use and level of ingredients and their effect and safety are confirmed in clinical trial data.

Dermarise® Skin Care System

Dermarise® Skin Care System
Now Finally Available in USA

All products imported from Japan and compliant with FDA regulations.


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